The Yevgeny Mironov Theater Company

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The Mironov Company was established in 2006. Its first production was Figaro. The Events of One Day, directed by Kirill Serebrennikov and Yevgeny's first experience as a theatrical producer. This is how he motivates forming his own company:

"Whether I'm doing theater or film, I'm often bothered by a lack of professionalism, and it can't be helped – I'm not the one doing the hiring. All I can do is suffer and improvise. So I thought I'd try taking charge of everything. Now, if something's not done right, there'll be no one to blame but myself."

Figaro opened on December 27, 2006. Starting in January of 2012, it can be seen on the reconstructed stage of the Theater of Nations.

It is the Company's only project to date.