This section contains articles and news items related to Yevgeny's film projects. If you are aware of relevant published materials not presented here, especially in languages other than English and Russian, we would truly appreciate your help in locating them.

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Lost in Siberia (1)
Grueling Saga of Making, Marketing Lost in Siberia
The Los Angeles Times, 09.19.1991
Burnt by the Sun (1)
Moslem (2)
To Partake of Ex-Soviet Cinema
The New York Times, 12.12.1996
The Idiot (2)
HBO Skeins Nab Nymphs
Variety, 07.06.2004
Return Cages Golden Eagle
The Hollywood Reporter, 02.03.2004
House of Fools (2)
The Georgian Premiere of House of Fools
The Messenger, 09.30.2005
Seeking Sanity on Two Sides of Camera
The Los Angeles Times, 04.21.2003
Dreaming of Space (6)
Escape (1)
Where Does Yevgeny Mironov Run To?, 02.04.2005
The First Circle/To Treasure Forever (6)
Samidat Soap Operas, 04.2006
Solzhenitsyn in Russia Film First, 01.30.2006
The First Circle
In Tranzit (2)
Prisoners of War
The Moscow Times, 03.31.2006
In Tranzit
Burnt by the Sun 2. Exodus (40)
Edge Nabs Top Russian Award
Variety, 04.08.2011
The Circus Comes to Town, 05.27.2010
Thai Film Wins at Cannes Film Festival, 05.24.2010
A Master Storyteller Returns, 05.23.2010
Will Cannes Give Us a Great Finale?
The Independent, 05.21.2010
Mikhalkov, Burnt by the Sun 2 Go to Cannes
The Moscow Times, 05.20.2010
An Awkward Celebration in Moscow, 05.11.2010
Epic Fails, 04.28.2010
Putinism: Burnt by the Box Office?, 04.27.2010
In the Spotlight: Nikita Mikhalkov
The Moscow Times, 04.23.2010
Nikita Mikhalkov's Burnt by the Sun 2, 04.16.2010
From Russia, a Cinematic Double Take on WWII Era
Washington Post Foreign Service, 05.31.2008
Moscow, I Love You! (7)
Toronto Russian Film Festival, 05.13.2011
To Moscow with Love
Haute Living, 09.03.2010
Moscow, I Love You!, 09.03.2010
Falling in Love with Moscow, 06.10.2010
Moscow, I Love You!
Voice of Russia World Service, 08.02.2008
Dostoyevsky (6)