This section contains articles and news items about Yevgeny, as well as his interviews, as published in the international press. We will be adding more, including some original translations of Russian-language publications. If you are aware of relevant materials not presented here, especially in languages other than English and Russian, we would truly appreciate your help in locating them.

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Biographical (4)
From Fifty Best Film Actors List, 04.2007
Case 3: The Tabakerka (Tabakov Theater)
from Pop Culture Russia!: Media, Arts, and Lifestyle, 2005
Mironov as Presentiment
Izvestiya, 11.29.2006
Have You Seen How Stars Are Born?
Ekran i stzena, 12.12.1991
In The News (57)
2011 (19)
An Engagement in Yelets
ITI-Info, 12.31.2011
Yevgeny Mironov Awarded the State Prize, 06.09.2011
Long live Premio Europa
Haaretz, 04.28.2011
Dogged Determination, 03.09.3011
Aggressive Homeless Dogs vs. Brutal Humans, 03.02.2011
2010 (6)
2007 (5)
The TERRITORIЯ Festival: Live Creative Dialogue
Desillusionist Magazine, Issue №11, 2007
Everyday Wonders
Desillusionist Magazine, Issue №11, 2007
2006 (4)
The Moscow Times, 10.13.2006
Best Russian Actors, Actresses Picked, 05.19.2006
The TERRITORIЯ Festival, 2006
"Russian of the Year", 2006
2005 (1)
Real Non-Sex, 10.03.2005
2003 (2)
In the Shadow of Chekhov
The Russia Journal, 07.23.2003
Theater Initiative Grants, 06.16.2003
2002 (1)
The Secret of Success, 02.04.2002
Press on Other Projects (6)
The Nutcracker (1)
Phonogram of Passion (2)
Phonograph of Passion by Nikolai Lebedev, 01.16.2009
The Russian Evolution
The Australian, 08.22.2007
Belka and Strelka, Star Dogs (2)
Materials in Other Languages (196)
Albanian (1)
"Qentë Star Belko dhe Strelka", 2010 (film review)
Belarusian (2)
"Дом дураков" (film review)
Catalan (1)
Últim apunt des de Canes 2010, 05.22.2010 (film review)
Danish (2)
Tour de Cannes, 05.23.2010 (film review)
Forvirret Og Hřjrřstet, 2001 (film review)
Dutch (6)
De Russische geest giert door Hermanis' Shukshin's Stories, 06.29.2010 (stage review)
Tsjechov on the rocks
De Groene Amsterdammer, 06.23.2010 (stage review)
Review: Burnt by the Sun 2, 05.23.2010 (film review)
Wat schreef de pers over het Holland Festival?, 2010 (stage review)
House of Fools (film review)
Estonian (1)
Finnish (4)
Tekstitys On Taidetta
Helsingin Sanomat, 08.22.2009 (stage review)
Siperian Sydän Lyö Tiheitä Rytmejä
Helsingin Sanomat, 08.21.2009 (stage review)
Villejä Ja Vakavia Tarinoita Siperian Kylistä
Turun Sanomat, 08.21.2009 (stage review)
French (28)
Le génie dans tous ses états, 06.14.2011 (article)
Evgueni Mironov: "Recherches, recherches, recherches...", 11.22.2010 (interview)
Les recits de Choukchine – Theatre des Celestins de Lyon
Radio Trait d'Union, 11.22.2010 (stage review)
Mission en Sibérie
Le Point, 11.17.2010 (article)
Récits en terre soviétique
Le Progres, 11.17.2010 (article)
La Sibérie fait son show à Lyon
Le Progres, 11.15.2010 (article)
Yevgeny Mironov, le Depardieu russe
Le Progres, 11.15.2010 (article)
Le cinéma 3D envahit les écrans russes, 03.20.2010 (article)
Cannes: fin de parcours
Le Devoir, 05.24.2010 (article)
Soleil trompeur 2: quel pensum indigeste!, 05.22.2010 (film review)
Soleil trompeur 2: Nikita Mikhalkov pompier en chef, 05.22.2010 (article)
Mikhalkov: "La pire chose fut le bolchevisme", 05.2010 (article)
"Sibérie Inconnue", 2010 (article)
Soleil trompeur, 05.06.2004 (film review)
House of Fools
Séquences: La revue de cinema №226, 07.2003 (film review)
Tsar système, 07.05.2001 (stage review)
Des Jeunes Stars de l'Europe prix spécial du jury au festival du cinéma de Genève
des archives personnelles d'Evguéni Mironov, 1992 (article)
Evguéni Mironov: Prix spécial du jury
des archives personnelles d'Evguéni Mironov (article)
Tragédie russe
des archives personnelles d'Evguéni Mironov (article)
Soljenitsyne sur les petits écrans russes
Courrier International (article)
Evguéni Mironov (biographical)
German (45)
"Glück habe ich genug", 03.03.2012 (stage review)
Kochen am Abrgund, 03.03.2012 (stage review)
Moskauer Affaire
Zeitung Heute, 02.23.2012 (article)
Raus auf die Straße!, 01.04.2011 (article)
Wiedergeburt des Dorflebens – Wassilij Schukschin am Ku'damm
Russland Heute, 04.03.2011 (stage review)
Eine Generation in der Warteschleife
Berliner Morgenpost, 03.13.2011 (stage review)
Vom Entdecker zur Avantgarde: Festival F.I.N.D.
Stadtmagazin Berlin, 03.13.2011 (article)
"Das Lager – Wir gingen durch die Hölle" ("In Tranzit"), 12.03.2010 (film review)
"Das Lager" ("In Tranzit"), 10.25.2010 (film review)
"Das Lager" ("In Tranzit"), 10.02.2010 (film review)
Im Dickicht der Wälder, 05.24.2010 (film review)
"Das Lager – Wir gingen durch die Hölle" ("In Tranzit"), 2010 (film review)
"Das Lager" ("In Tranzit"), 2010 (film review)
"Das Lager" ("In Tranzit"), 2010 (film review)
Wiener Festwochen: Wer Sogen Hat, Der Hat Auch Wodka, 05.24.2009 (stage review)
Igel Im Schädel, Dreck Am Stecken, 05.19.2009 (stage review)
Das Ewige Elend Der Russischen Provintz
Der Standard, 05.18.2009 (stage review)
Von Ausreißern Und Heimkehrern, 05.17.2009 (stage review)
Aufstieg Der Dickköpfe, 05.17.2009 (stage review)
"Schukschins Erzählungen" In Hannover, 05.09.2009 (stage review)
"Schukschins Erzählungen" – Die Kritik, 05.2009 (stage review)
Dostojewski als Fernsehstar
Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 06.18.2004 (film review)
Das Kino Als Seismograph Der Weltbewegungen
Titel, 03.29.2004 (film review)
Buehne Brennt!
Tagesspiegel, 09.25.2003 (stage review)
Hochstapler In Der Kirche
Berliner Morgenpost, 09.20.2003 (stage review)
Ein Klassiker, Well Made
Neue Zürcher Zeitung №196, 08.25-26.2001 (stage review)
"Noch ein van Gogh"
Moskauer Deutsche Zeitung №8, 04.2000 (stage review)
Saftiger Däne
Süddeutsche Zeitung, 09.25-26.1999 (stage review)
Der Dänenprinz in Moskau
TZ München, 09.25-26.1999 (stage review)
Dämon des Vaters
München Merkur, 09.25-26.1999 (stage review)
Pop-Prinz Saxophon
Abendzeitung, 09.25-26.1999 (stage review)
"Texte und Zeichen" und "Kultur aktuell"
Norddeutscher Rundfunk, Südwestdeutscher Rundfunk, 09.24.1999 (stage review)
Ein trotziger Autist
Süddeutsche Zeitung, 09.23.1999 (interview)
Es War Wie Bei Aschenbrödel
München Merkur, 09.22.1999 (interview)
Stein oder nicht Stein, das ist hier die Frage
vom privaten Archiv von Jewgeni Mironow, 1999 (article)
Peter Steins "Hamlet" im Moskauer Armeetheater, 10.29.1998 (stage review)
Dänenprinz mit Saxophon, 10.12.1998 (stage review)
Kla als Jubelfest
Die Zeit, 02.04.1994 (stage review)
vom privaten Archiv von Jewgeni Mironow (stage review)
Greek (1)
"Ψεύτης ήλιος" (film review)
Herbrew (5)
תיאטרון פשוט ואחר, 01.20.2010 (stage review)
מרוסיה באהבה, ובפשטות, 12.16.2009 (stage review)
Indonesian (1)
In Tranzit (2008): Nasib Tawanan Pria Dalam Kamp Wanita, 07.28.2010 (film review)
Italian (33)
"Caligula" di Eimuntas Nekrosius, 30.10.2012 (stage review)
Il Caligola Di Camus crudele come gli dei, 29.10.2012 (stage review)
Un "Mondo Altro", la tragica utopia di Caligola il folle, 27.10.2012 (stage review)
Caligola all'Olimpico e un momento storiko e, per me, un miracoio, 26.10.2012 (interview)
Vite in panchina
Il Sole 24 Ore, 12.11.2011 (stage review)
Dieci piccole storie russe
Corriere Della Sera, 12.02.2011 (stage review)
Racconti dalla Russia
Corriere Della Sera, 11.29.2011 (article)
Eimuntas Nekrosius: Caligula di A. Camus, 07.07.2011 (stage review)
Caligola, metafora del potere di oggi
Corriere della Sera, 07.06.2011 (stage review)
Tra Prometeo e Puck, Caligula di Nekrosius, 07.06.2011 (stage review)
Il tiranno è un'anima cieca, 07.04.2011 (stage review)
Il Caligula di Nekrosius a Villa Adriana, 07.03.2011 (stage review)
Epifania della dittatura, 07.03.2011 (stage review)
Le parole di Caligola sono indimenticabili
La Repubblica, 07.02.2011 (stage review)
Il Tempo
, 07.01.2011 (stage review)
Il Caligola di Nekrosius
La Repubblica, 07.01.2011 (article)
Eimuntas Nekrosius in Caligula, 2011 (stage review)
Metamorphosis di Valerij Fokin (2002 Russia 80')
Rapporto Confidenziale №30, 12.2010-01.2011 (film review)
Exodus: Il sole ingannatore 2 (Burnt By The Sun 2. The Exodus, 2010) di Nikita Mikhalkov, 05.24.2010 (film review)
Lo stanco guerriero di Mikhalkov
Il Giornale di Vicenza, 05.23.2010 (film review)
Cannes, la guerra senza retorica di Nikita Mikhalkov
Quotidiano Nazionale, 05.22.2010 (article)
Una nazione in fuga dalla Guerra, 05.22.2010 (film review)
Il sole ingannatore 2: Exodus, 05.22.2010 (film review)
Russia: potere e cinema rivedono la storia, 05.17.2010 (article)
Burnt By the Sun 2. Exodus, 05.2010 (film review)
Il Sole ingannatore 2 di Nikita Mikhalkov a Cannes, 05.2010 (article)
Burnt By the Sun 2. Exodus, 05.2010 (film review)
dall'archivio personale di Evgenij Mironov (article)
Peter Stein: perché ancora l'Orestiade
dall'archivio personale di Evgenij Mironov (article)
La Casa Dei Matti (film review)
Latvian (2)
"Star Suņi: Belka un Strelka", 2010 (film review)
Dzīvais Jeb Šukšina Stāsti Rīgā, 10.20.2009 (stage review)
Lithuanian (2)
Polish (3)
Koniec lata, czyli opowiadania Hermanisa, 12.04.2010 (stage review)
Czytanie Szukszyna, 11.30.2010 (stage review)
Sezon rosyjski
Gazeta Wyborcza Stołeczna, 11.28.2010 (article)
Portuguese (2)
Moscow, I Love You!, 09.26.2010 (article)
Vítimas da Guerra/In Tranzit, 2010 (film review)
Romanian (1)
Dom durakov aka House of Fools (2002), 03.16.2010 (film review)
Slovenian (1)
Kilavo sonce Nikite Mihalkova, 05.14.2010 (article)
Spanish (7)
Kafka en el Cine (4): La Metamorfosis, 07.07.2011 (film review)
In Tranzit de Tom Roberts, 11.17.2010 (film review)
Mijalkov, quemado por la crítica
La Vanguardia, 05.23.2010 (article)
Solzhenitsyn en la TV Rusa, 02.15.2006 (article)
Swedish (2)
In Tranzit, 04.20.2010 (film review)
Brända Av Solen (film review)
Ukrainian (36)
Піар для Достоєвського
Урядовий кур'эр, 01.28.2012 (film review)
Про любов та її відсутність
День №227-228, 12.10.2010 (stage review)
У Києві Чулпан Хаматова вийшла з "декрету"
Вечірні Вісті, 12.07.2010 (stage review)
Кришталева чистота "Iдіота", 08.25.2010 (article)
Один із небагатьох. Євген Миронов, головні ролі
Дзеркало тижня №9, 03.06-12.2010 (interview)
Монтеккі дзвенять ланцюгами, 01.18.2010 (stage review)
"Господи, не дай мені зняти цей фільм!"
Дзеркало тижня №14, 04.12-18.2008 (article)
Телекритика, 03.18.2008 (film review)
Фігаро лається англійською
Україна молода №199, 10.30.2007 (stage review)
Миронов тут, Миронов там...
Вечiрнiи Київ, 10.22.2007 (stage review)
Апостоли невидимого фронту, 07.06.2007 (film review)
Миронов проти Машкова
Комсомольска правда в Україні, 10.13.2006 (article)
Небо. Пластилін. Дівчина
Дзеркало тижня №29, 07.29-08.04.2006 (article)
Полювання на матрьошку, 04.14.2006 (film review)
Війна війною, а життя триває
День, 02.09.2006 (stage review)
Стильное радио –"Культпоход", 08.25.2005 (film review)
Миронов, Кончаловський і тушонка
Україна молода №057, 03.30.2005 (film review)
Вічний сад, який неодмінно буде знищено...
Україна молода №28, 02.14.2004 (stage review)
"Вишневий сад" продавали шість годин
Хрещатик, 02.11.2004 (stage review)
Вічна загадка "Вишневого саду"
Україна молода №18, 01.31.2004 (article)
Обличчя з іншого століття
Кiно-Театр №5, 2004 (article)
Литовець, одержимий Чеховим
Кiно-Театр №3, 2004 (stage review)
Кiно-Театр №2, 2004 (film review)
Исус по Достоєвському на екранах ТВ
Дзеркало тижня №37, 09.27-10.03.2003 (film review)
"Ідiот'" (film review)
№13 в Києві (interview)
Євгеній Миронов (biographical)
Welsh (1)