by Pierre de Beaumarchais
A Satirical Comedy in Two Acts
A Yevgeny Mironov Theater Company Production
Opened on December 27, 2006
Directed by Kirill Serebrennikov
Translated by Maria Zonina
Set Design by Nikolai Simonov
Costume Design by Dmitry Loginov
Movement by Sergei Medvedev
Choreographed by Nikolai Androsov
Produced by Yevgeny Mironov

Appears as Figaro

A modern take on Beaumarchais' classic comedy, based on a new translation, is Yevgeny Mironov Theater Company's first project. A gift for vivid theatricality is a rare thing in itself, but director Kirill Serebrennikov's particular genius is the ability to combine spectacle with piercing social commentary. Sex, politics, humor and lyricism are eternal themes, as relevant today as they were in Beaumarchais' day. Yevgeny Mironov's Figaro is a hero of our explosive times: bluffing and gameplaying, kisses on the run, mindreading as a survival tactic, an eye for detail, and the cold desperation of a man who is losing despite all his efforts to win. Figaro is a dynamic, amusing yet bitter production, played to the hilt by an excellent cast.

(In repertory and touring. In Moscow, the production may be seen at the Theater of Nations.)