A Ukraine Film and Video Production
Directed by Viktor Zhivoloub
Starring Ivan Gavriliuk, Tatiana Korostylyova, Konstantin Stepankov, Borislav Brondoukov, Yevgeny Mironov

Appeared as Zhora Choupin

Based on historical events that took place in the Carpathian region of the Ukraine following WWII. Russian intelligence discovers that a German special-ops team is being sent to the Carpathian Mountains to search for the gold abandoned by the escaping Nazi army. A young Ukrainian forester who'd turned traitor during the war is enlisted by Russian Internal Affairs to anticipate the enemy. Together with the KGB agent Olga, he is to pretend to look for trees suitable for felling, but in reality he is there to find the gold and protect Olga, who is gathering information on the movements of the German team.