(2010, anthology)
A BFG Media Production
Episode: The Violinist
Directed by Vera Storozheva
Starring Yevgeny Mironov, Sofya Dudarchik

Appears as the Hitman

Moscow, I Love You! is a collaborative project by eighteen well-known Russian directors and screenwriters. Each of them has created a complete 5-minute film which is a slice of life in today's Moscow – stories of human relationships, of falling in love, of meetings, partings, loss and discovery. The film was released in two version, one consisting of 15 episodes, the other of 18.

Yevgeny Mironov stars in director Vera Storozheva's entry The Violinist, the tale of a Moscow hitman, which he finds quite believable. He says, "It's not as fantastic as it sounds. It simply focuses on a moment when you suddenly realize that your life can end at any moment. What's interesting is exploring how ready you are to part with it."