(2001, comedy-drama)
A Bac Films/Hachette Premiere/Personafilm Production
Directed by Andrei Konchalovsky
Starring Iuliya Vysotskaya, Vladas Bargonas, Ruslan Naurbiev

Special appearance as the Russian Officer

Winner of several international awards, the film tells the story of a psychiatric hospital on the border between Russia and Chechnya during the second conflict of 1996. With the medical staff vanishing to find help, the hospital's patients are left to run amok, but Janna, a young schizophrenic who lives with the belief that the pop star Bryan Adams is her fiance, curbs their insanity. Blissfully unaware of the terror of the war, the patients stick it out in the hospital, whose "guests" alternate between Chechen rebels and Russian troopers. Distinctly anti-war and unbiased, House of Fools is a bizarre blend of black comedy, touching drama, horrific warfare and subtly disturbing psychological content.