The film is an undeniable success, and its biggest revelation is Yevgeny Mironov, who was able to convey all the heartache and loneliness of the little man in the absence of love. ... Mironov's interpretation of an insect is fearless and merciless.
Yevgeniya Sountzova, Yelena Fomina
Smena, 2002

Actor Y. Mironov plays the part without the aid of digital effects, insect suits or glued-on wings: his only tool is his body. Body language can be louder than words. The actor's body speaks, suffers, loves, and perishes.
Oksana Liefer
Volya, 2004

Yevgeny Mironov had a tough time. The role was a struggle for him, but you'd never tell it from the film. Watching his Samsa, you don't doubt for a second that you're looking at a bug, not a wall-climbing Spiderman.
Courtesy of, 2006

We are invited to watch the great Mironov play a man who fancies himself a bug. ... What next for Fokin? Why not ... Platonov's Foundation Pit? ... The great Mironov would no doubt be equally convincing as the pit.
Courtesy of, 2008

Throughout the movie, Mironov impersonates an insect – and it's persuasive and seriously creepy. ... No special effects, no CGI. He does it all with his body.
Courtesy of

The dullish screen version is barely saved by the adroit, silent, divine Mironov.
Yelena Sokolova
Vash dosoug, 2003

[Translated by Vlada Chernomordik for the Yevgeny Mironov Official Website]