Touching drama about hope, love and expectations, about paths and sacrifices, about illusion as a form of survival, about lies and the ambiguity of success.

A mother, her six sons, a children's band, and an attempt to escape the Soviet Union. Failure, years in jail, and, after a time, reunion.

Questions, heartaches, memories and different lives, searching for life's meaning, shadows of the past.

Slices of guilt, the mother as axis of past and present, as root of sons' lives and instrument of strange turns.

The image of family as a single organism. One breath, one emotion, same perception of reality. Rescue of sick brother, plans for the future, the rumors, the quarrels and the presence of mother as heart of the organism, as supreme authority over destinies and time.

Images of the Russian soul, with traces of soul tempest, subtle angst, hours stretching like rubber.

A film about quixotic gestures and final peace. About the sense of moments and the importance of love.