Dangerous Profession Weekly, Issue №51
Viktoriya Blonskaya

... Alla Yuganova, an actress with the Moscow's Lenkom Theater, has filed a lawsuit against the newspaper Zhizn over an article entitled Dostoyevsky's Sinful Passions, which she finds to be defamatory to her and harmful to her business reputation, reported on December 19.

The article, which was published in May, dealt with the work on the series Dostoyevsky. The material contained an interview with Yuganova and a small paragraph with information about the actress (Yuganova played Anna Snitkina, Dostoyevsky's second wife). In particular, the article contained information on Yuganova's divorce and alleged that "Yuganova does not have a lot of feminine patience in real life" and that Yuganova wishes she had done love scenes with Yevgeny Mironov, who played Dostoyevsky. The name of the article is not stated in the material.

Yuganova is seeking a refutation and 1 million rubles in moral damages. The first hearing of the lawsuit is scheduled for January 12. ...