This section contains articles and news items about Yevgeny, as well as his interviews, as published in the international press. We will be adding more, including some original translations of Russian-language publications. If you are aware of relevant materials not presented here, especially in languages other than English and Russian, we would truly appreciate your help in locating them.

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Le génie dans tous ses états, 06.14.2011 (article)
Піар для Достоєвського
Урядовий кур'эр, 01.28.2012 (film review)
Кришталева чистота "Iдіота", 08.25.2010 (article)
Один із небагатьох. Євген Миронов, головні ролі
Дзеркало тижня №9, 03.06-12.2010 (interview)
Cuộc đời thiên tài, cặn kẽ và chi tiết, 06.05.2011 (film review)